Giulio Gargiullo

Digital marketing strategies to start e-commerce in Russia

Digital Marketing Manager


International Talk

The Russian market represents a great opportunity with well-known buyers with great spending power, but also buyers who appreciate high quality products, linked to luxury and of course Made in Italy.

The intervention gives an overview of everything you need to know to start a project related to e-commerce in the Russian Federation. The Russian natives are 160 million people, while 285 million people speak Russian in the world in former Soviet countries and in large international communities.

Giulio Gargiullo deals in a practical way with specific and strategic information on: the composition of the Russian market, the market of users who speak Russian in the world and the Runet phenomenon, the localization of ecommerce and online communication, characteristics of the market and e-commerce products in Russia , main sites and comparators of local prices, Mcommerce, regulatory aspects for the Russian Federation, main payment methods used in Russia, legal aspects and products that can be shipped to Russia, type buyers, online purchasing behavior and couriers, the bases SEO and the main Russian search engine Yandex and online advertising in Russia, social networks in Russia and the main Russian social network VK, digital PR in Russia, real time marketing.