Real Time Analytics and Real Time Marketing in E-Commerce with Magento

Strategist and Data Analyst Intera


Business Talk

It is increasingly important to create effective web projects, and in the e-commerce world effectiveness means selling.
It is not enough just to create a search engine optimized web site with a shopping cart; we must create projects that pay attention to users in order to have the information needed for our business.
Beyond Google Analytics and e-commerce functionality, monitoring methods and plat-forms exist that allow obtaining great results in increasing conversions and information about users.
I will demonstrate how to monitor data in real time and analyze e-commerce users’ behav-ior with the right tools for Magento, towards the goal of increasing effectiveness and con-versions. I will demonstrate techniques and tools for monitoring a Magento e-commerce site, and how to interact with users with real time marketing, arriving ultimately at market-ing automation.