Jacques Bodin-Hullin Fabien Potencier

Magento Performance Profiling and Best Practices

CTO Monsieur Biz

CEO & Owner Blackfire.io


Tech Talk

Performance is critical to eCommerce businesses, having a direct impact on cart abandonment rate. There’s countless statistics about this. What is missing is the right tools and the best practices. Before even setting up Content Delivery Networks or aiming for low hanging fruits such as images compression, the first thing to look at is the PHP code.

We will start by detailing some do’s and don’ts in PHP code performance on Magento 2. We will then discover what profiling is, and how profiling in development, test, staging and production makes it possible to proactively improve performance. We will also unveil testing strategies which make it possible to automate validation of code iterations with continuous integration and continuous deployment strategies.