Jacopo Nardiello

From CI to Prod: Running Magento at scale with Kubernetes

DevOps Engineer neen / Sighup


Tech Talk

Developing and running web applications has become much more than just writing code. Business and engineers are now required to solve a new set of challenges which range from microservices architectures to set up software delivery pipelines, while releasing constantly new features. In this context, automation is key.

With Container-based architectures and Kubernetes we are on the verge of a copernican revolution in the way we handle operations and design our applications. The so called Cloud-Native stack open doors to unprecedented resilience, scalability and efficiency but the price to pay is complexity: Containers are a fundamental shift which require to re-think how components of your applications and infrastructure are developed and deployed.
In this talk we are going to discuss Domain specific concepts that power Kubernetes and how they apply to Magento. We will deep dive on the architectural choices and challenges of running a production ready Magento deployment on Kubernetes and we will see hands-on how to fully automate the deployment lifecycle, web applications scaling (reducing scaling time from minutes to seconds), failures handling and self-healing.

The speech will be held with Simone Fantini -System Administrator & Magento Specialist – neen